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African braids are definitely a stylish tradition that’s been passed for generations upon generations from our ancestors. Even up to this day, people are still making use of hair braiding to give a unique look to their hair, all while honoring their African heritage. You can definitely make use of it yourself if you wish to express your own culture through your ‘do. There’s plenty of ways and styles you can adopt for yourself, so make sure to go to an authentic African hair braiding salon to try these out:


Cornrows are arguably the most common hair braiding technique you see. Change up this trend by having yours done in unique directions. Mix it up by having your braider incorporate beads and other accessories.

Box Braids

Box braids are made using three strands of grouped hair that are then twisted together. These were a huge hit back in the 90’s. Now, it’s time to bring them back.

Havana Twists

Havana twists are best done to afro hair types that are naturally fluffy or curly. They’re created with a two-strand method for individual hair braids, achieving considerably thicker braids than your average box braids.

Yarn Braids

Yarn braids are created by weaving yarn in with your hair. If you want something with a unique look and texture, you can even use colored yarn!

Faux Locks

If you like the look of dreadlocks but are scared of committing yourself to an unkempt hair texture, you can choose to have faux locks done. Instead of using your real hair, they are made by false hair weaving.

Senegalese Twists

Those with smoother or silkier hair types can adopt Senegalese twists. While this hairstyle is created with a two-strand method, but you’ll end up with neater, finer braids. You may need natural hair treatment if you wish to smoothen out your locks.

If any of these styles tickle your fancy, make sure to go to a salon that specializes in African braids. If you live in Redford, MI, you can drop by here at Diamond African Hair Braiding LLC! For appointments or inquiries, call now at (313) 334-9085.

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