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Diamond African Hair Braiding LLC is a beauty salon located in Redford, MI. We offer a variety of services that will enhance and improve the look of our customers. We have been in business for fifteen years, and we employ a staff that is well-trained and highly skilled in providing their hairstyling services. We’re open every day of the week to cater to our customers, so make your appointments with one of our stylists today.


Hair braiding service – Our beauty studio has a staff that has the know-how to provide African hair braiding service. Braiding is a great way to style hair. It is also a style that can last for several weeks, so it is a great option for those individuals who don’t like to take the time to style their hair every day. For quality hair braiding services, it is best to go to a professional. African hair can be very fragile, and it can break easily when not cared for properly. Going to our salon, we can assure you that our staff knows how to treat your hair. Our stylists will take every precaution so they can give you a style that looks great and does not damage your natural hair.

Hair twisting service – Hair twists are a popular style for Afro-textured hair. This style is done by first sectioning the hair into several sections. Each section is twisted, and then each twisted strand is then twisted with another strand. This technique creates a double twisted look. This style is great because the hair twist creates a protective style. It protects fragile hair from the rigors of daily combing and styling.

If you’re looking for an African hair braiding salon, come to Diamond African Hair Braiding LLC. We cater to customers in Redford, MI and the surrounding areas of Berg - Lahser, MI;Five Points, MI;The Eye MI; Brightmoor MI. We’re available seven days a week, and we offer special discounts to first-time customers. We offer a variety of braiding and hairstyling services for our customers. To learn more about our salon or to book your appointments, please call us at (313) 334-9085.

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