How to Make Your Hair Twist Look Better

Different Ways to Style a Hair Twist

A lot of men and women have lived up to making the hair as their crowning glory. Instead of wearing their hair the usual way, they choose to wear it differently. If you want a hairstyle that can still be styled, you can opt to wear a hair twist. There are different ways to style it. Since the twist can stay for a long time, you can change your style every now and then. Here are some of the styles you can try:

Color It

If you do not want to damage your hair with a coloring product, there are other ways to add color to the twists. You can use colored extensions on the twist. You can choose to use a single color, multiple shades or different colors. It is totally up to you. If you do not want the color anymore, you can have it removed.

Let It Flow Freely

Let the twists down to freely flow to your every move. Aside from looking great, you are also letting your scalp relax. Wearing the twists up tend to pull your scalp. If you are going dancing and you are wearing a backless top, putting your twists down will add sexy to your outfit.

Bun It Up

If you are going to a formal gathering, you do not have to let go of your hair twist. Glam it up by making it into a bun. You do not have to settle on a regular bun at all. There are a lot of ways to bun up a twist.

Turn It Into a Faux-Hawk

The best way to achieve this style is to braid the hair on the sides and twist the middle part. As all your hair will gather in the middle, it will look like a mohawk. This style is great if you have a long hair. But if you have a short hair, hair extensions will do the magic.

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