The Skilled Hair Twist Specialist You Always Wanted!

Do you think you could rock the twist, but have never been able to make this hairdo yourself? If you happen to be in Redford, MI then come visit us at Diamond African Hair Braiding LLC for the expert hairstyling you’ve dreamed of! Our experienced and friendly staff will make you feel welcome and make your visit a memorable experience. In the following text, we will tell you more about our skilled hair twist services so make sure you read on!

Making twists on your own is very difficult, and not every hairdresser out there knows how to do it right. We at Diamond African Hair Braiding LLC pride ourselves on the ability of our staff to create beautiful hair twist styles for men and women alike. We highly suggest this style because it is very versatile, easy to maintain and so adaptable. It really does go beautifully for any occasion, be it a pool party or a wedding. You can wear it up in a bun or let it loose, the results will always be stunning.

A proper hair twist should last you awhile and can withstand being washed and conditioned. We use your natural hair to create twists of your choice, be they double, round or flat. They combine beautifully into braids, flat twists, and afros. We know how to make them hold together without the excessive use of bands and barrettes. This style is sure to look gorgeous on all lengths of hair and you will walk out of here with your head confidently held high! The best part is, the moment you get tired of this style, you can unravel them and enjoy the stunning twist out style! We will give you advice on how to keep your hair twist neat and tidy, which easy hairdos you can use while the twists are in and anything else you might like to know.

To find out more about our offers and prices, please call us at (313) 334-9085 or visit our conveniently located shop in Redford, MI! Bring your friends!

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